xero freeware plugins

Freeware Plugins

We have a comprehensive collection of freeware Photoshop-compatible plugins available for download! These plugins were built using Filtermeister, with Paint Shop Pro X2 as the host program - they should work without problems with any Windows graphics program that supports the Adobe Photoshop plugin architecture. Please read the notes included in the download files for terms and conditions of use and redistribution.

Please note:

  • These plugins are available for Windows only.
  • These plugins are not compatible with 64-bit hosts such as Photoshop/CS5


The Xero/XL set contains five separate plugins, and is currently the main freeware set. The plugins included in the XL set are:

xero freeware bad dream

Bad Dream

This filter is great if you like really icky, yucky colourations. It gives the kind of revolting colour-casts that you would normally spend hours trying to correct; it also gives a soft, misty effect though, and the final result can be quite pleasing on the right kind of image.
xero freeware bad dream


This one is a simple 'oil-painting' effect, with just four sliders; in a misguided effort to express my latent artistic impulses, I've given them whimsical names... think of them as defining the personality of your own personal virtual artist. It was this kind of thinking, I suppose, that led me to name the plugin in honour of the enigmatic Italian renaissance artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio - which was rather pretentious of me, really. If he phones me and complains, I'll change the name.
xero freeware bad dream


This plugin gives a result that reminds me of a hand-tinted monochrome photograph or, perhaps, the kind of cheaply-produced and gaudily-coloured magazine covers that I used to see as a child; it was that "childhood" connection that led me to call the plugin "Nostalgia", of course. The plugin selectively desaturates the image, but also gives a subtle change in hues. It's hard to describe, so you'll need to try it to appreciate properly what I'm talking about.
xero freeware bad dream


The Porcelain filter gives a pleasing, gently soft effect with a slight colouration - vaguely reminiscent of a hand-painted porcelain plate.
xero freeware bad dream

Soft Mood

This filter can do nice things with portraits, but it can also be quite effective on landscapes and other images. As always, the final result depends on the starting point - for some images the result is great, for others it's awful.


Xero Classic Collection

This is the full Xero freeware collection, originally released as four separate sets of nine filters and a handful of separates, and now gathered together as a single set of forty filters. Hours of fun!

AbstractorAbstract art the easy way

Alien MistStrange, glowing mistification

ArtGrainTasteful grain effects

ArtifaxCreate unusual 'modern art' effects

ArtworxPainterly effects without the mess

Bad DreamMisty colourations

CaravaggioOil-painting without the mess

ClarityClarifies the murk!

CubismArtistic effects for the artistically-challenged

DuochromeTwo-colour tinting effects

EmphasisEmphasises (or de-emphasises) selected colours

FritillaryA more refined, sophisticated pixellation

FuzzifierArtistic selective diffuser

GreyscalerFlexible conversion of a layer to grayscale

GreytinterClassy, tinted grayscales

IllustratorArtistic effects for the chronically talentless

ImproverDe-noising and sharpening for over-compressed images

IridiumIridescent metallic sheens

LineArtA flexible 'graphic art' effect

LithographA vibrant and flexible lithography effect

Make-a-FlakeSilly snowflakes and manic mandalas

MistifierSoft mist - good for portraits!

MoodlightVirtual studio lighting

MoonlightCreate moonlit nights

Nostalgia1950s-style hand-tinted monochromes

PastelliseA tasteful 'pastel art' effect

PorcelainMake an image look as though it's painted on porcelain

PulsarStarburst filter

RadianceA touch of romance for portraits

SeasonsChange the colouration of foliage - or anything else

Serious FogThe 'Mistifier' filter is for wimps

SimplicityGraphic poster effects

SkycleanerQuick fix for washed-out skies

SoftmoodGives portraits a warm, intimate feel

Soft VignetteMore vignette effects than any sane person could ever want

SparklesSparkles, twinkles, blobs and dings

SupersmoothCleans up noise, or gives an artistic 'wash' effect

TekstyaFine-grained textured tile generator & image texturiser

TitaniumMetal so heavy you could use it as a doorstop

TweakerEasy-to-use tweaker for shadows and highlights

UltravioletTry it and see... then try to find a use for it